Strategic Planning & Retreat Workshops

PlayBook partners with your management team to design and facilitate half-day to multi-day

strategic planning sessions, as well as more in-depth long-term engagements. This work is

vital to an organization’s overall health and progress and includes:







We’ll deliver a Strategic Plan that outlines your vision, mission, values, core competencies, strategic objectives, and a detailed roadmap to guide you towards fulfilling your dream. The Tactical Plan is built on easy-to-follow steps with motivation that everyone in the organization can understand.






























































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Cross-functional communication

Business review

Strategic direction

Next-phase goal setting

Meeting Facilitation

Sometimes your organization may not need (or may not have the budget) to hire a consultant for the entire strategic planning process.


Leverage one of our strongest skills:  Bridging concepts, people, and projects through guided communication and strategy.



CEO2Go® Executive Coaching

PlayBook offers professional CEO development and mentoring that ignites strategic thinking and helps senior and emerging leaders transform your culture to achieve your boldest vision.  Benefit from our expertise in a package that works with your bottom line.


Hourly or retainer basis

Gain fresh perspective on complex issues

Drive implementation & manage change effectively

Adopt/adapt game changing growth strategies

Business Plans

Whether you’re thinking of starting a business or you’re an established entrepreneur who needs to improve the bottom line, PlayBook can work with you to write or revise a Business Plan that gets funded and creates results.

Marketing Plans

An advertising budget is only as effective as the strategy behind it.  PlayBook partners with you to clarify a 3-year vision and the operational goals to achieve it.  Then we work with you to identify and analyze your Segmented Target Market to arrive at the most effective use of your marketing dollars.

Leadership Transition & Succession Planning

Change is inevitable. Although it’s stressful, it infuses the organization with new perspectives and energy. We help you step through this often awkward disruptive process, allaying the fears that often block progress while we assess the organization’s health and readiness for change.



Opportunity to reflect on strengths, weaknesses, successes, and lessons

Comprehensive Succession Plans

Make informed decisions for CEO or Executive Director recruitment

Design a Blueprint for Change for board & staff recruitment strategies and communication

Team Development & Training

An organization or agency is as strong as its weakest teammate or board member. Coaching and development are critical success factors for any thriving group that wants to grow its most prized asset: Your resource-controlled knowledge base.



Highlight areas for improvement for board members and employees based on their desires and your needs

Define growth paths for effective professional development

Identify challenges in board recruitment, retention, and support

Deliver Board Training, Coaching Plans or Individual Training Programs

Process Improvement

There’s always room for improvement, no matter what the process. “The way we’ve always done it” may not be working in today’s business world or with your current customers or employees.



Sharpen your workflow to reduce errors and cycle time

Troubleshoot and review the processes that support key parts of your business

Streamline processes and reduce time and money required to run the business

Redistribute work and get staff’s “Aces in their Places”

Financial Modeling

Using your current financial position and historical statements, we help you identify where you can afford to cut costs, where you may increase or decrease dollars and effort, and how you can improve the overall health of your bottom line.


We can help you create current fiscal year financials and develop future forecasts that focus on areas like:


Expanding Revenue Sources / Product Lines

Sales Forecasts and “What-if’s”

Personnel Plans

Rising Costs of Goods

Breakeven Analysis


Once we understand your meeting goals, we’ll prepare our Facilitator’s Guide to moderate your brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Consistent “Thinking Partner” and source of  accountability to bounce ideas off of

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