"Leslie knows us so well-

she takes the time to intimately and intuitively understand our needs, our blocks, and the best way to get us where we want

to be."

- Alan Battersby

President, Carden Academy

Board of Directors


Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness

Cross-Sector Collaborative Networking, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Community Outreach

& Meeting Facilitation


The Challenge

In 2012 Governor Abercrombie instituted a cross-sector task force of local, state, and federal

government agencies, business community leaders, and service providers to create a strategic

plan and detailed action plan to address homelessness in Hawaii.  The governor’s bold goal?

To end homelessness in Hawaii (14,000+ homeless persons to be provided with homes and

services) within 10 years.


Our Solution







The Outcome

Taken together, the five cross-sector pilot projects represent an innovative end-to-end “concierge of care” system for integrated “Housing First” homeless support services that will save the state millions of dollars annually while making a meaningful impact across Hawaii.







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if you have questions

about our solutions

Designed and facilitated eight statewide community forums to gather feedback on the draft Strategic Plan


Spearheaded a 9-month collaborative planning effort with more than 100 stakeholders from across the islands


With unprecedented collaboration and cooperation, we clarified the initiative’s objectives, defined metrics to track progress over


time, and launched pilot projects.

Recent Clients

Visit our list of recent clients and see their testimonials to understand our areas of focus and impact.

Carden Academy of Maui

Fund / Resource Development Plan, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Accreditation, Board Development, CEO2Go® Executive Coaching,

Leadership Succession Planning


The Challenge

In 2008 Carden Academy - a small independent K-8 school in Upcountry Maui - asked us to facilitate a 1/2-day goal-setting meeting, beginning a 5-year partnership. Their first challenge was responding to the recession. Then they needed a game plan to kick-start a capital campaign, address organizational growth, and map out leadership succession. In 2012 we were called in to apply our knowledge of the school’s history and stakeholders to guide their first-ever attempt at accreditation.


Our Solution








The Outcome

This kind of long-term “trusted advisor” relationship is the realization of one of PlayBook’s strategic objectives. (We love this kind of client partnership!) To date, Carden Academy has gained fiscal stability through operations and reserve funds. They’ve increased enrollment by 20%, increased student retention by 50%, and are now the sole owners of the property on which the school is located. We’re also proud and pleased to share that in May 2013 Carden Academy received a 3-year interim accreditation through HAIS and WASC.



Lana`i Arts Center

Executive Director Transition: Strategic & Tactical Planning, Succession Planning, Board / Team Development


The Challenge

LAC’s Board of Directors lost their Executive Director unexpectedly and had to scramble to continue programming with an “all-hands” effort by volunteers.  They received a grant from Hawaii Community Foundation to help them through the Executive Transition process.  When we met with them, they lacked a shared strategic direction, and had different views on the role of an ED.  Because of LAC’s geographic challenges, finding a qualified ED who would live on the island and be able to succeed in the community was a barrier that had stymied the team.


Our Solution











The Outcome

In July 2013 Lana`i Art Center’s new Executive Director was hired and trained with the new board and staff who are in place with updated roles and responsibilities.  They have an achievable strategic plan that they are adapting with the new ED’s input.



Small Business Success - Maui Retailer

(20 employees, $6M annual revenue)

Planning & Implementation, Team Building, Process Improvement,

CEO2Go®  Executive Coaching


The Challenge

This successful retailer had done some long-range planning for his line of retail stores with a mainland consultant with specific expertise in his industry. The consultant had sent a business assessment with 20 major enterprise changes. There were no details on how the client might go about making those changes and the client needed help turning the report and his investment in his first consultant into an achievable, results-oriented roadmap.


Our Solution







Once we delivered the Implementation Plan, the client retained PlayBook to keep them accountable to their plan through bi-weekly progress/course correction meetings.  In January 2013, we brought them on to our CEO2Go® Executive Coaching program, earmarking 10 hours each month for talking about new challenges & opportunities, evaluating potential solutions, and simply having a “thinking partner” on-call.


The Outcome

This company achieved 100% of its Top 10 Objectives within three years. They streamlined processes, recalibrated their team (put “Aces in their Places”), and refocused on customer service. One of the owners was able to retire a year ahead of schedule because of focused delegation and process documentation efforts.  Since we began working with them, this company has realized 35% year-over-year revenue increases through a mix of targeted expense reduction, productivity improvements, and a re-energized sales strategy.

Shifted Carden’s board of directors’ culture of participation and governance responsibility

Strengthened Carden’s long-term position through fiscal planning & management, and capital campaign/resource development structure

Annual Strategic Plan & Tactical Plan refreshers

Structured and led Accreditation self-study

Established an “instant relief” structure that temporarily limited scope of LAC’s mission delivery

Led in-depth strategic planning and designed a detailed action plan that gave them a clear sense of what board members would do for the nonprofit versus what they would need from an ED

Delivered board training to reach consensus on the board’s role in the absence of an ED and set the vision for directors’ roles once an effective ED was in place

Redefined job descriptions across the organization and set the ED up for success from Day One

Reviewed the report as part of our own Goals vs. Capacity Assessment

Validated and prioritized the recommendations

Defined metrics to track progress and performance

Created a detailed 3-year plan to address their Top 10 Objectives

"Your visioning exercises and workshop set a lot of collective energy in motion. We could not have come so far without you!"

- Billie Jean Marks

& Dr. Sharie Liden

LAC Board Directors

"With your guidance we've become an agile, resilient operation. We now have the tools to prepare for disruptive events and can bounce back to the top quickly."


Arts, Culture & Recreation

Hawaiian Canoe Club
Hawaii Theatre Center
Lana`i Arts Center
Maui Academy of Performing Arts (MAPA)
Maui OnStage (Iao Theater)

Camp CenterStage

Hawaiian Paddle Sports


Civic & Environmental Advocacy

Hawaiian Islands Land Trust (HILT)
Maui Nui Botanical Garden
The W. S. Merwin Conservancy
Tri-Isle Resource Conservation & Development Council, Inc.


Cultural & Historical Conservation/Preservation

Friends of Moku‘ula

Hui o Wa‘a Kaulua
Kuali‘i Foundation
Manoa Heritage Center

Hui O Laka - Kokee Museum

Kauai Historical Society

National Tropical Botanical Gardens


Government & Economic Development

Governor's Hawaii Interagency Council on Homelessness

(HICH - via DHS)

Maui County Office of Economic Development
Maui Economic Development Board

Office of Hawaiian Affairs
Kauai Economic Development Board

State of Hawaii - Dept. of Labor & Industrial Relations;

Dept. of Agriculture


Non-Secular Organizations

Hale Kau Kau - St. Theresa’s Catholic Church
Jewish Congregation of Maui


Small Business

Maui Film Studio
Munekiyo Hiraga
Pacific Biodiesel Technologies
Pi‘ikea, Inc.: Hawaii Fueling Network, Maui Petroleum, Minit Stop

Brewer-Clifton Wineries

Kawahara + Co., CPA's


Animal Welfare & Advocacy

Maui Humane Society
Molokai Humane Society
Lanai Animal Rescue Center
Whale Trust



Client Success Stories

Our client case studies offer a sampling of the kinds of challenges clients bring to PlayBook and how our solutions create lasting impact.


We value our long-term relationships and exceptional record with our clients. The lifeblood of our business, the following organizations have our gratitude for their continued support. This is a sampling of some recent clients organized by their area of focus:

Corporate Organizational Development

Cisco Systems, Inc.
Forest City Hawaii
Fukunaga & Associates
Intel Corporation
Munekiyo Hiraga
Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, Inc.

Pi‘ikea, Inc.

The Pacific Resource Partnership

American Savings Bank

ProService Hawaii

Hawaii Leadership Forum

Omidyar Fellows Program




Carden Academy
Kamehameha School Alumni Association
Haleakala Waldorf School
Montessori Hale O Keiki
Seabury Hall Alumni Association
St. Anthony’s School
University of Hawaii


Health & Human Services

Aloha United Way (Oahu)
Aloha House, Inc.
American Heart Association

Helping Hands Hawaii

Family Promise of Hawaii
J. Walter Cameron Center
Maui Youth & Family Services
Wai Ola O Hina / Molokai Rural Health



Youth Services

Boys & Girls Club of Maui
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Boy Scouts of America



Our clients’ good opinion speaks volumes in an island community where word spreads at the speed of the trade winds.

We’re proud of our consistent track record for delighting our clients and exceeding their expectations.


The One-Stop Shop to Build a Better Business

"Your strategic planning and team-building exercises launched remarkable changes for us.  Part business surgeon, part coach, part therapist...altogether this makes PlayBook a world-class resource that (re)builds solid companies and teams. We asked for a certain type of strategic planning proposal, and PlayBook responded by giving us what we needed…not just what we asked for.  We couldn't have done it without you!”

Cindy McMillan

Pacific Resource Partnership - Director, Advocacy & Communication



Immediate Relief and Long-Term Results

“As our on-call expert and trusted advisor, Leslie brought out the best, most creative and pragmatic parts of our team at a time when we needed stability and a clear path for the future. The work we did together fortified the organization and gave us confidence to be responsible and accountable for our new goals. What we found most valuable was her earnest commitment to coach and empower us through our process.  She was the creative catalyst that helped us discover solutions for ourselves.”

Anne Carter

Maui Nui Botanical Gardens - Board Member



Top-Down Team Turnaround

"Working with PlayBook empowered us to identify and repair the gaps in our leadership and staff, uniting us and focusing our energy on a shared vision, direction, and achievable goals. This energized, aligned team's performance results speak for themselves!

Stacey Katakura White

Forest City Hawaii - Chief Financial Officer



Personalized Solutions that Everyone Buys In To

“Thanks to PlayBook Consulting Group, our planning retreat evolved into an incredibly productive summit where we accomplished more to secure the organization’s future than ever before.  Leslie masterfully enlisted every participant in the strategic planning process.  She bridged disparate views, transforming conflict to productive conversation.  PlayBook’s continued presence after the retreat made all the difference in our ability to deliver on our objectives.  Leslie elevated what could have been a mundane chore to a playful, creative, inspiring, and productive event.”

Sam and Mary Cooke

Founders, Manoa Heritage Center



PlayBook Changed the Game for Us

"When we came to PlayBook for help, our future was unfocused. Your step-by-step guidance in recognizing opportunities and addressing our biggest challenges was such a relief. Thank you for helping us define a clear strategy and the roadmap to make it all happen."

Alexis Dascoulias

Maui OnStage - Executive Director



Call (808) 875-0500 if you have questions about our solutions

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